​The construction of pools takes place in several stages

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The construction of pools takes place in several stages:

Before you start building a pool, you need to design it. good company , which provides pool designs and drawings absolutely free of charge for our customers, does this. It is very important, before you start building a pool, to understand what exactly needs to be built!

Then, the construction of the pools proceeds to the next stage - this is digging a pit. We very often ask our customers not to rush or dig a foundation pit on their own, as it can be easily dug up and it will not be possible to return the loosened earth back. This makes the construction of pools more expensive and time-consuming.

After the pit is ready, you need to fill the bottom plate. Such work should be carried out by responsible specialists who correctly expose the reinforcement and vibrate the concrete in order to exclude voids and possible cracks. Many of the wild teams that undertake to build a pool do not have the experience and the necessary equipment for its construction, so the construction of pools in their execution is a lottery. We are a responsible company that has been operating in the market for a long time and appreciates its reputation. We believe that the construction of any pool should be carried out exclusively in accordance with technology and generally accepted international standards.

In our work, for the construction of the walls of the pool (this is the next stage), we use high-quality, ready-made concrete of the highest grade, which guarantees the strength of the bowl and its durability. If you need to build a pool in a place where automatic concrete supply is not possible, we prepare it manually according to the requirements of SNIP. On this page, the construction of turnkey pools is shown in stages.

After the bowl is ready, we proceed to the construction of the technical premises. It will house all pumps and all filter equipment that will provide clean and clear water in our pool.

And the last stage of the construction of the pool is the decoration of the bowl. There are also many subtleties and features that you can familiarize yourself with by going to the page with finishing options.

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